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Helping Local Charity

Ribble Valley Inns has always been proud to work exclusively with local suppliers. So it’s only natural we’re keen to keep it local when we support a charity too. That’s why we invite you...our locals and visitors help us raise vital funds for St John’s Hospice in Lancaster. St John’s caring staff – doctors, nurses, therapists, cooks, gardeners, cleaners and volunteers – all play a vital part in providing a fabulous level of care and support.

Please help The Highwayman to support St John’s Hospice for those facing issues around the end of life. That’s why we’d like to add a voluntary donation of just 20p per guest to your total bill...every penny of which will go to this priceless service. We’ll also provide regular updates of how much we’ve raised so you can see just what a difference you’ve made.

Thank you so much for your support.
Craig, Nigel & all the team at The Highwayman

St Johns HospiceSt John’s Hospice

 The Hospice was founded in 1985. Since that time we have grown and developed a wide range of services and support for those facing issues around the end of life.

We care for patients and their families and carers across north Lancashire, south Cumbria and parts of north Yorkshire.

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