Nigel Haworth and Bruno brings the 'local' larder to The Highwayman

For far too long we didn't celebrate our food in the UK and in particular the regions. What makes the product special, what gives it an individual character and what makes it the best.

Our European friends have always celebrated their artisan producers, always staying loyal to their regions, taking pride in what is grown and they see this association as a guarantee of quality. This has always been the philosophy of Nigel's menus, traceability is the word, and you have to stand by it. Nigel Haworth and Jason Birkbeck work closely with farmers, butchers, growers, makers, bakers and suppliers of every kind, to make sure that each link in the supply chain is as local and strong as it can be. When it comes to quality and flavour, there is no compromise, they are the defining qualities Nigel and Jason are looking for.

Now, for the first time in his career, Nigel is fully discovering the exceptional produce on the doorstep of The Highwayman. Read about a few of the suppliers he’s met and will be featuring in the menus by visiting Our Suppliers.