Wines of the month

This month we’ve popped the cork to feature a couple of our favourite wines for you to try by the glass. Both our picks can be enjoyed with food or on their own. Don’t miss this opportunity to taste these by the glass this month – you might discover a new favourite!

Chardonnay, The Accomplice, Australia 2016

This wine could change your mind about Chardonnay. Lively peach & nectarine flavours, creamy texture, fresh citrus zest and a whiff of oak. This wine, made by the De Bortoli winery, hails from the Riverina sub-region in southeast Australia. It’s an area of sunbaked plains, fertile red soils and meandering waterways where vines thrive.

The grapes for the wine were selected for their quality and intense varietal expression.

A medium-bodied dry wine with lovely peach and nectarine flavours.

Malbec, Trivento, Mendoza, Argentina 2016

Malbec is the grape that has put Argentina on the map. Dark fruits abound, with soft spices and peppery notes. This is a bright red with plum and raspberry jam notes which mingle elegantly with vanilla from the six months aged in French oak barrels. Its well balanced with sweet tannins and a velvety finish.

The Mendoza Province is one of Argentina’s most important wine regions, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the country’s entire wine production. It’s located in the eastern foothills of the Andes, in the shadow of Mount Aconcagua.

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