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Lakes Gin

The only gin with true Cumbrian provenance.

Fortunately for The Lakes Distillery, juniper grows wild in the fells of the Lake District. They use local juniper together with other 13 botanicals native to the Lakes, such as bilberry, heather and meadowsweet, to produce a gin which is complex, intriguing and above all else, delicious.

Produced with crystal clear water from the River Derwent and a selection of Cumbrian botanicals, The Lakes Gin is truly a gin of distinction.

This classic gin is easy drinking and refreshing, with its big, clear fresh citrus, fruity and floral and is complex and vibrant.

It’s recommended to try it neat, with a couple of ice cubes. But if you are partial to a gin & tonic, they suggest mixing with tonic at a ratio of 1:1, with no added fruit!

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